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Investment estate agency is Ereira Mendoza’s core area of operation for which it enjoys an international reputation of excellence, innovation and performance.

To achieve this, the investment team works closely with agency colleagues, who provide fast, accurate, up-to-date information on changes in tenant demand and behaviour. This information acts as a vital planning tool, providing Ereira Mendoza’s investment business with a powerful competitive edge.

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Agency – professional, management, general

Ereira Mendoza advocates a partnership approach in all aspects of business as the best way to get results. In agency, this means earlier engagement of the team which gives Ereira Mendoza greater capability to both enable and facilitate the deal.

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For nearly 20 years, Ereira Mendoza has had an affiliated office in Tel Aviv. Our associates provide a continual flow of investors seeking UK investment and development opportunities in both the commercial and residential markets.

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Bespoke Acquisition Service

Ereira Mendoza offers a highly successful bespoke service for clients seeking premises not currently on its books. This tailored service researches relevant areas for the client to find new property, then approach these businesses on your behalf to see if they are willing to sell their lease.

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