Daniel Mendoza

Community and charitable résumé
Daniel Mendoza – “defining nice”

Daniel’s charitable journey started with the simple personal desire ‘to understand why people are not nice to each other’. This has, by his own admission, taken him on a lifelong quest to understand what shapes peoples’ attitudes and behaviours – the basic tenets that define peoples’ lives and their potential. In his desire to answer these dilemmas, and within the context of believing people are on the whole products of their environments and experiences, he wanted to be involved in something that would bring about long-term attitudinal and behavioural change.

Daniel was introduced to the Anne Frank Trust through his professional involvement in commercial property, and he became actively involved upon realising the potential this household name and international brand had to act as a catalyst for change. He has been a Trustee for the last ten years and recently became Chair of the Trust.

The Trust has grown steadily since its inception to encompass offices with over 20 full time team members and an annual budget approaching £1million. Testament to the Trust’s accomplishments – see Anne Frank website – are three recent grants received from DGLC (Department for Government and Local Communities), the Social Action Fund and the Big Lottery. In difficult times for charitable funding these organisation have clearly recognised the potential of the Trust’s educational projects – which operate across the country – to challenge prejudice and discrimination, reduce hatred and encourage people to embrace positive attitudes.

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